Cloudflare Blog: images are broken

I subscribe to the Cloudflare Blog using
The feed works fine but it never seems to load the images they show with broken icons, looking at the console I think (I’m not too good at that sorta debugging) like it could be getting a 403 forbidden.
Is there a problem fetching the images using the imageproxy?
Its not a big issue for me, I pop out and load the article if it’s something I wanna see more about but thought I’d report it

Because it’s Cloudflare, they serve HTML when you request images…

2022/05/27 20:57:20 fetching remote URL:
2022/05/27 20:57:20 request: {Method:GET URL:,sc,snnxrayWrkFYrfDjzbH1teJgYt8H8_Oxtv33S2bGtBcw= Proto:HTTP/1.1 ProtoMajor:1 ProtoMinor:1 Header:map[Accept:[image/*] User-Agent:[willnorris/imageproxy]] Body:<nil> GetBody:<nil> ContentLength:0 TransferEncoding:[] Close:false Form:map[] PostForm:map[] MultipartForm:<nil> Trailer:map[] RemoteAddr: RequestURI: TLS:<nil> Cancel:<nil> Response:<nil> ctx:0xc0000aa000} (served from cache: false)
2022/05/27 20:57:20 content-type not allowed: "text/html"

So it won’t work because Cloudflare is asking if NewsBlur servers are robots. They were supposed to whitelist NewsBlur, and I believe they did for the RSS feed. But they should also do it for images.