Cloudflare blog broken with 503, only on Newsblur

According to Newsblur UI, the Cloudflare Blog ( returns HTTP 503 only. If I try it with curl from my machine, I get a proper 200 with content that validates on Also, direct fetching from works as well.

I have no idea what Newsblur could be doing differently to cause the 503. Maybe some blocking on Cloudflare side? @samuelclay, can you see some more helpful details in the response directly on your servers?

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I worked with a couple folks at Cloudflare about a year ago to get NewsBlur placed on the allow list. That seems to have regressed, so I reached out to my contacts and will let you know when I hear back. Also, please let me know if it starts working again.

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Just a short status update: at 2021-11-24 04:01:02, Newsblur once got a 301 redirect (can’t see the destination in the UI). Maybe somebody at Cloudflare is working on it?

Unfortunately, afterwards only 503 again :frowning:

Hopefully. I have a few feeds that are served on Cloudflare that are 503ing. I was going to wait a bit before complaining again.

As mentioned before, I can escalate within Cloudflare if you don’t get anywhere.