Clicking on comments in dashboard confuses Newsblur

Ok, here’s something that I just noticed it’s broken with the comments on the dashboard, under “Interactions” and “Your activity”.

When I click on the comment of somebody who replied on a story, but not shared it (neither me nor he/she), I’m taken to that person’s blurblog instead; and because the story is not part of that blurblog, Newsblur just keep loading stories ad-infinitum.

The same happens when I click on my reply to a story that I haven’t shared. I’m taken to some site/blurblog (don’t know where…) and the stories just keep loading ad-infinitum.

I would expect to be taken to the comment on the story on the site where the story with the reply is :).

This happens both in production ( and dev (


I’m seeing this as well. When I click on a comment to one of my posts, it takes me to my BlurBlog, but doesn’t load anything. At all:

This is what I get for any interaction pointing to my blurblog.

Ohh, it’s because you have an unread filter on your blurblog. So no stories load because they are all read. Therefore, when searching for the story, it can’t find it because it’s already read. I wish I could easily override this, but it’ll require a fair amount of work.

Sweet — I love a good workaround. My own blurblog is now Show All and working just fine.