Clicking on comment in Interaction dashboard doesn't go to the post

Tangentially related to this:…

When I click on a comment notification it goes to my whole Blurblog feed, rather than jumping to the comments of the post in question. The correct post will be highlighted in the river, but clicking on it does nothing. If I hit J then K, the correct post will be active.

I do have Feed view set to “Show a single story at a time”, but Blurblogs (or at least Blurblogs with no unread posts) don’t seem to respect this setting. Indeed, when I set the Feed View preference to “Show all stories”, it works as expected, popping me right into the comments section for that blurb.


Is this still happening? I’ve committed a ton of fixes to story discovery.

Sorry for the late reply to this. Yes! The issue as reported still happens.

Tangentially, I’ll add that, if my global setting is for Show Unread Stories Only, none of my blurblog posts show in the river or the feed view, but clicking on a comment notification will take me to my blurblog’s URL, nonetheless.

I am having the same problem sometimes. It seems that it works most of the time but not all the time. It seems like it does not take you to the correct place if there is a lot of stuff to load before the comment. Maybe it would make sense that when you view the comment stuff it only shows the post the comment was made on.

Two issues here. Bryn, your issue will be fixed when I build buffered lists, which will make the Feed view 1000% faster. But it’s a whole lotta work and will take some time before I get to it.

Karen, your issue seems to be around your filter setting. So, yes, in that case, the story won’t show up. Not sure if there’s an easy fix there, since you just aren’t getting the story. Perhaps I should force it to read_filter=all instead of unread when opening up interactions.

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I just want to give you props for responding to all these issues. I really appreciate your responses and desire to make improvements.

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Perhaps I should force it to read_filter=all instead of unread when opening up interactions.

That sounds perfect and ideal to me!

Thanks. I’m keeping a less than ideal schedule of only handling support on Fridays now (support always makes me feel good about fixing bugs, so I like to let the feeling linger over the weekend), but that means I can go up to 7 days before I respond. But I’m solo, so this helps me continue to deliver new features and fix bugs.

New user here (since three days ago). I have this same problem.

I have several Interactions on a news item and every one of them takes me to the same place, but it’s not the item in question.

I think I see the problem here.

The expectation is that clicking on the interaction takes you to that interaction, singly, outside of the blurblog that contains it. The reality is that the button simply highlights the post in the relevant blurblog, and this does not play nicely with people that have “show only unread stories” set, because obviously, the story was read when you commented on it.

I don’t know what to say, other than, “Can you make ‘interactions’ act like they used to in Google Reader?” That is, they act as a synthetic RSS feed that contains only the interactions themselves. Then people that only want unread stuff would get the desired behavior.

Ardent, that makes total sense. Hmm, that would be trivial to build. I like interactions in context, but if a dedicated Interactions feed works better, I think that would be an easy fix. What say everybody else?

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That’d work for me! One of the great things in Reader’s social piece was that it had a “feed” for comments, so any post you or your friends shared that had new comments would make that feed unread (and sorted by latest activity, I believe) so it was easy to keep up or join conversations that were still happening.

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Yup, my blurblog is always “empty” because globally I have set to view unread items only.

Sam, I set my blurblog site settings to all stories and the comment notification still doesn’t go to the specific story.

Yes, I kinda liked that view in GR. Didn’t miss it in NB until recently because there weren’t too many people I knew who used NB. Now there are :slight_smile:

Any update on this? Still have the problem where clicking on the interaction doesn’t show the interaction because I have “only show unread” set.

Yeah, I just haven’t prioritized this work. I tried, but it’s not trivial to get those stories in a single list. I could try it again, but I’m working on some other higher priority features right now.

Here’s my quarterly checkin: is there a roadmap for this being fixed? As long as this bug exists, sharing shit to your blurblog is essentially useless.

Or to put it another way: I know several dozen people who would jump all over a premium subscription if this worked correctly. As it stands, because this is broken, they have no interest in Newsblur.