Clicking filtered sites list makes sites disappear

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had trouble filtering the sites list. When I hit ‘g’ to filter by name and click on a site from the filtered list, the name of the site simply disappears and it doesn’t load the feed. This happens with left and right click, and regardless of the “focus” settings, or whether or not the sites have unread items.

Outside of the filtering mode, everything is still working fine. I can still access sites by viewing “ALL” and scrolling through the list in the meantime.

Firefox / Windows 10, but possibly also happening on Chrome / OSX

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Woah, nice catch. I only tested it with the keyboard. Took a bit of finagling but I got it to work. Here’s the commit:

Deployed thanks to you!

Awesome, that fixed it. Thanks as always for your prompt attention!