Clicking an item header (story header) doesn't open the story

This morning, when looking at my feeds, clicking the story header marks the story as read but doesn’t open up the story as it always has previously. I’m using Firefox 24.0

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You’re in Story view I presume. Firefox is blocking Mixed Content by default now, Click the shield Icon on the left side of the URL bar and allow mixed content, and the story will load. Be sure to mark the story unread first, as allowing mixed content will reload the UI

I don’t see a shield icon anywhere around the URL bar. I’m using Feed View. When I click on a story header, typically a new tab opens to that story on the originating site but this morning that was not working.
However, just now, I went into preferences and switched from “standard connection” to “use a secure connection” and everything seems to be behaving properly again.

This now seems to be happening in the latest Chrome when HTTPS is enabled: opening a feed in Story mode when connected via HTTPS just results in a blank page.

I saw that there’s a preference you can change in Firefox, but does anyone know if there’s an equivalent for Chrome?

Yep, Same basic change as my last comment, but Chrome put the shield Icon on the Right side of the URL bar.