Clicking a link to a NewsBlur-known source opens story in NewsBlur

About half the links in stories I read lead to other RSS-having, NewsBlur-known sites. “H/T” links. Re-blogs. Link posts. Even blogspam.

It would be really nice if, when clicking thru to a story from a source known to NewsBlur, rather than opening the site, it opened *that* story in the NewsBlur reading pane. Then, I could potentially subscribe to that site, share the story, save the story, browse other stories from that feed etc. Even for target feeds to which I am not yet subscribed. Use the same preview-ish view seen when looking at feeds via the subscribe handler.

This would utterly revolutionize the way I read feeds and make the buggy share-bookmarlet less of a sinequanon. NewsBlur All The Things.


The problem is, of course, disambiguation. I have a URL, but it may or may not correspond to a URL in the system. I already deal with this with the bookmarklet. When you share a story with the bookmarklet, NewsBlur tries to find the existing story. It fails about half the time. And this is with stories that are usually in the system!

It’s just such a huge failure rate that I’m afraid it wouldn’t be worthwhile.