Clear the Story pane when switching items

Clear the Story pane when switching to a new feed item or when no item is selected. This would address two things that bug me a little:

  1. When switching to Story view from Feed view, this would prevent the previous story from momentarily appearing.

  2. Upon clicking ‘EVERYTHING’ when no there are no new items to read, the Story view will be blank instead of retaining whatever was last read.


Just to make sure, you’re aware of the double-click action on stories, yes? It temporarily opens up the story in the Story view, and when you click on the next story down, it returns to the previous view (Original or Feed).

Anyway, I just launched the fix for this. Let me know if it works correctly for you. As you might imagine, it’s not trivial. I already had code in there doing this, but it seems it may not have been working correctly everywhere. I battened it down and hoping that this will fix the bug. Just let me know.

Oh, and I noticed you said you use the “EVERYTHING” button. I use my feed reader often and extensively, but that button is one of the few that I do not touch. Are you finding it useful? Slow? Painful, even?

Thanks, I totally didn’t realize that you can double click to get temporary Story view. I guess I haven’t decided whether I prefer the Feed or Story views, hence I’ve been switching back and forth.

Your fixes worked perfectly – this is just what I was expecting it to do!

On the ‘Everything’ button, I use it all the time to refresh the list of stories. I do the same thing on Google Reader with the ‘All Items’ button. It’s really nice to be able to see everything at once rather than selecting individual feeds. Certainly not slow or painful; pretty much on par with the other RSS readers I’ve used (Reeder and G. Reader). I don’t have very many subscriptions, though, and the ones I do have are pretty low volume (~50 subscriptions, ~60 items a day).