Clean iPad interface in portrait mode

When I read articles on my iPad in portrait mode, I like the screen to be as “clean” as possible. What I would like to see is that the article list (left or bottom) can be completely hidden. I don’t need it when reading; I can swipe through all articles.


Best you can do is move the story titles to the bottom and make it as small as possible (a single story high).

Yes, I already do that, but that’s not what I call a clean interface. The Mr. Reader app is a good example of what I call “clean”: only a very smal top and bottom bar with a light color that doesn’t distract from the text.

I personally see no use for an article list when I’m in portrait mode. I, and maybe also many more people, go into portrait mode for reading and then don’t really need to see the article list.

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I’d also prefer to hide the story list entirely—if I’m in portrait mode, I really just want to sit and read. Didn’t know you could move the titles to the bottom, that helps a bit!