Chrome extension for quick one-click subscription to feeds.

I used to use the google chrome extension for one-click subscription to feeds in google reader. Now I am a premium Newsblur subscriber. Google has already removed the official extension from the chrome store, but similar extensions remain. How can I configure this extension to work for newsblur? The extension has an option to add to the 4 preconfigured RSS readers. What setting would go in the URL box to replace this example for google reader? (…)




In the extension you linked, you can add new RSS handlers. Type the following URL (without the brackets) in the address field:


this works, thanks. But using this link always the whole page is loaded first, then the menu to add is loaded second. This makes the whole process slow. Is it possible, only to open the “add-menu” without opening the whole page before?

I’m not sure that’s possible with this extension that Kim is asking about. However, NewsBlur has an open API, so an intrepid developer could make that happen.