Chrome Bookmarklet Content doesn't take up the full height of the popup

This has going on for as long as I can remember, just never took the time to mention it… the bookmarklet popup is considerably taller than the (quite cramped) contents within.

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Is this for every site or just one site?

Every, for quite some time. Chrome on Windows.

What extensions do you have installed? Do you have Adblock turned on? Try disabling extensions and seeing if one of them is the culprit.

Disabled them all, didn’t fix it.

Interesting observation: I use the bookmarklet. While the modal is open, I resize the browser horizontally and the modal changes size, then sticks to that size from then on.

Looks like it isn’t finding any content, so it’s not expanding to fill the modal dialog. What’s the URL on that Mio content? I was able to use it in Chrome just fine on one of their blog posts.

This happens for me 100% of the time, on every page. Hmmm.