Choose wich feeds will take longer to update

For non-paid users newsblur automatically choose (according to the amount of articles in a single account) wich articles will take 1 hour or even more to update.

That limitation is fine since we are not paid users and newsblur also wants us to be paid users, but my suggestion is that … if possible, newsblur should allow non-paid users to choose wich feeds will take longer to update.

So for example, if I have 64 feeds in my account and I just want to change the limit of feed number 32 (let’s say that the limit is 6 hours) with feed number 64 (the limit for feed 64 is 30 minutes), I could change the update time limit between them, so if I like feed 32 more than feed 64 I could make feed 32 update every 30 minutes while feed 64 will update every 6 hours.