'choose folders' from android saved view

In the android client’s Unread view, you can long-press a feed and select “choose folders”, among other options. You can’t do that from Saved view. Most of the options don’t make sense in Saved view, but this one would be very useful.

At the moment, the Saved “feed” can’t be moved into other folders, it is a somewhat special folder in its own right that contains the list of saved story tags. There are some improvements coming to the app’s support for the save/tagging system, but I’m not certain even the web UI supports moving the Saved Stories meta-folder into other folders.

No, I’m not talking about the full starred stories list like the one at https://newsblur.com/saved – why would I want to move that into a folder? That wouldn’t make any sense.

Open the app. You see a list of feeds (like the taskbar in the web UI) which has 4 views: all, unread, focus, saved. You can manipulate feeds by long-tapping them from All or Unread, but not from Saved.

Ah, gotcha. Yeah, at the moment, switching into Saved mode in the app just offers the basic ability to filter for saved stories by feed and almost puts things into a read-only mode. In order to manipulate feeds, you’ll need to switch back to one of the other 3 modes (All, Unread, Focus) for now. Will definitely look into unlocking more per-feed functions when we build the system to allow more manipulation of things like tags and subscriptions when in Saved mode.