Charged twice in 2016 & 2017


I just noticed my Paypal account was charged twice for my premium account this month (Jan 2017). This led me to check previous Newsblur charges, and I found that I was double-charged in January 2016 as well.

Here are the dates of the payments along with their transaction IDs:

  1. 2016 Jan 21 ID: 2L41664320466112U
  2. 2016 Jan 23 ID: 9AW38080W5859884H
  3. 2017 Jan 18 ID: 6SR140504N1423523
  4. 2017 Jan 20 ID: 4W6775226H756715X
    Would you please refund the two double charges for me?

Thank you,

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Do me a favor and email me at, and please include your username.

Ahh never mind, you emailed me already. I do support first thing, so I didn’t see your email yet. 

Hi, Sam. Got my refund update from PayPal. Thanks!