Changing view options in Site Settings to Story view isn't changing the view

I suspect this is an operator error situation. For some of my sites when I click on “Site Settings” I get the options of Original, Feed, Text, Story. By defaulting to “story” I get the look at the site I want, the full article showing up. Photos, everything. It’s great. But some sites don’t give me that option, they just go to a “fix misbehaving site” option. This is the case for example with my Twitter links and also some “within NewsBlur” options (like Washington Post breaking news). The sites work to access the stories but gives me a very generic look and not all the info. Like WaPo just gives me a headline and I have to click on the “read more” option.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to fix this? Loving the service, keeps me from having to doomscroll on Twitter to get news.

Unfortunately that’s the reality of some RSS feeds that ban either the Original view or the Story view. I try to mitigate that by proxying the page in the Story view, but it’s not 100% reliable because publishers can still disable access, which is likely what happened here.

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