Changing names of feeds works ONLY for current session; names revert back when browser closed.

I renamed my feeds, some of which had very long names. After closing the browser, when I reopened it and returned to Newsblur, the names were back to the original. Is it the idea that name changes are effective only for the current session and the user is required to change the names for every session? If so, that seems quite lame.

Macbook Pro, latest OS, Firefox browser, up to date.

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No that’s not right. When you change the name it should store not only between but also across platforms (web, ios, android, elsewhere on the api).

I suggest reloading the site and trying again. I rename sites regularly and it hasn’t reverted for me. I also just checked and I could change a name fine and have it persisted.

Also, are you running any extensions? Adblock is notorious for making NewsBlur worse.

Sorry for delay. I replied to the email, not noticing it was a noreply.

You were perfectly right: I turned off Adblock for and the problem is now solved. That may also clear up some other minor glitches I’ve noticed.

Many thanks for prompt and helpful response.