Change time stamp to location oriented timestamp

I’m located in Germany and for me Its easier to read hours and minutes like 14:42 (and not 1:42pm).

Maybe its possible to use the correct timestamp for the current user location or create a config parameter in the settings to change the timestamp manually.

A information like this news is “5 minutes ago” would be also interesting for me.

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Pretty sure that’s what the timezone setting in preferences is for.

Click the cog in the bottom left, select preferences, timezone is at the top of the preferences window.

My Timezone is GMT +1 and this is NOT my local Timestamp in full hours 16:48… (without AM/PM)

Updated 4 minutes ago means that the last time Newsblur checked the feed was 4 minutes ago. The time shown on a specific story is when that was posted and from what I’ve seen that time do adjust to your specified timezone.

I don’t think you understand what I meant. I mean NOT the timezone. I mean the style of the Time. Here in Germany its not commonly used to use AM/PM. We display the time with the full hours and minutes (HH:MM). Here is the Example from Google Reader which shows the timestamp correctly for my location (…).
It also display “vor XX Minuten” this means in english “for XX minutes” and these two improvements are my suggestion for NewsBlur, because for me its useful to know “how old is this news”.

Ah, ok, I see what you mean… and I agree with you. Never thought about it myself before but it is indeed in 12h format. 24h format should definitely be an option.

I’d like an option to display times in 24 hour format as well, even though I’m
in the U.S.

Displaying the age of an item would also be nice, but not as a replacement for
the actual time. Sites which do that tend to display only the largest unit of
time which is applicable, and so will display “1 year ago” for an item that’s 1
year and 1 day old as well as an item that is 1 year and 364 days old; even
though there’s a significant difference there.

I would also like this option. Was just about to post a new thread about it when i found this one!
am/pm is used in like 10-20% of the world…