Change Newsletter Email Address

I’m subscribing to an email and want to unsubscribe, but there is no link on the email or site where I can. So I figure I’d just like to get a new newsletter email address. It doesn’t seem that a user can do this - can you please?


If it’s just one sender, you could block them from your email client and/or give them a thumbs down in NewsBlur to keep them from showing up.

Unfortunately I decided to be “smart” and pointed the newsletter directly to my newsblur address - so I can’t block it in my email. (note to self - read the directions) :thinking:

But I didn’t think about using the training and thumbs down - tried that and it works. Thanks!

You’re welcome!

Thanks Kane, that’s a good idea. I don’t have a way for your to change your email newsletter but I can do it for you, just email me your username (so I can respond with your new email):