Change Fonts

I use two different rss readers and Feedbin has a great font whithney wich is a pleasure to read. However, newsblur also has a whitney font, but its look is not so good for me. So where’s the difference?

I started to search and I found that newsblur uses whitney font but feedbin uses whitney smartscreen font. Here’s the difference between the two fonts

Whitney smartscreen font is better for eyes when reading online.

Would it be possible that newsblur change the whitney font to whitney smartscreen font? I think that users would like that change.

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I thought about this one and so I tried it. Take a look at these two. I made this test back when I was choosing fonts and this is exactly why I chose the Whitney I did. I find the SSm (ScreenSmart) to be too spacey and not in keeping with the overall NewsBlur aesthetic.


Whitney ScreenSmart:

If you feel strongly one way or another, please chime in. I’d love to hear opinions on this.

Hi, Whitney SSm doesn’t seem to support TrueType (subpixel anti-aliasing) and looks awful on Windows. Please don’t make this the default, or at least allow the user to select a different one.