"Change Folders" is inconsistent and difficult to use

I’ve been doing a bit of cleanup on my feeds and reorganizing my folders.

On the web interface the Change Folders only shows 4 folders at a time which makes finding the right one a bit of a pain. On iOS this resizes to take the full height of the window.

Additionally, while the web interface allows you to select multiple folders, iOS does not, and I can’t quite figure out what it is doing when a feed is in multiple folders, it seems like it sometimes removes one folder but doesn’t move at all, other times it seems to add the destination folder (but not re"move" it from other folders).

And finally, my main client is Reeder, and while I can move a feed into a folder there I can’t get it out of the main/root folder without using NewsBlur’s web interface. I’m not sure if this is a limitation on their end, or a API bug on your side, but they don’t seem to respond to messages so I can only hope it is broken here so that it might get fixed.