"Change Folders" command COPIES but doesn't move

When using the “Change folders” command for a site, the site gets copied into the destination folder, not moved. I have seen this at least 6 times consistently. I like to try loading new sites and then if I keep them, I move them into a folder.

What I have been doing as a workaround is to use the “Change folders” command to get the site into the target folder, verifying it is there by opening and then collapsing the destination. Then I delete the site from the source location. This works, but it consumes time and is frustrating.

Text for many sites also seems to be loading slower than usual. Until a few months ago, the text would be there almost instantly when I clicked on an article. Now, we see the progress bar sometimes for 30-60 seconds, and rarely, a page doesn’t load.

Overall, LOVE the tool, but hope you’re able to identify and repair these problems.


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Yeah, when you select the new folder, you need to unselect the old folder. It’s a little counter-intuitive, but it does let you put the same thing in multiple locations.

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AH!  Thanks for the tip!  I too thought it was a bug.  Unselecting the folder works great!

Took me about 10 times screwing up before I understood what was going on, but now it actually makes sense.  There are some feeds I subscribe to where it’s nice to show up in 2 different folders.