Change: Flip-flopping context menu

It’s rather disorienting that the items reverse order in the feed manager context menu on the left side.

I appreciate that you’re probably trying to make deleting a feed safer, or make each item the same distance away from the initial click or something, but if something is in a different place each time I go there, I can’t efficiently process feed changes, nor can I easily recognize when something new might be added to the list!

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I find myself agreeing with you. Alright, switched! I also fixed the positioning of the menu for feeds and folders that are more than 1 level deep. Let me know if this now makes more sense. I also noticed that it was confusing when the menu goes upside-down.

Youuuuuu rock! <3 Much better!

Hey Samuel, could you copy this to Dev as well? I just accidentally marked 300 stories as read because I didn’t realize dev still uses the old behavior!