Certain feeds have to be switched to "Split" view before I can use them

I’ve been using NewsBlur for ages (love it!) and I’ve recently been having an unsuual problem with two of my feeds.

When I first open the site, no matter how many unread items there are, nothing shows on the “Full” view - I just see a globe that says “Select a story to read.” as if I can selected a site with no new stories. If I then click into The “” (split) button, all the unread stories suddenly appear in both of the panes. If I click “Full” again after this, the stories remain visible! But I always have to perform this sequence any time I want to read stories on these feeds.

The vast majority of my feeds are fine, I’ve only encountered this issue with the following two:


And I’m certain they both worked when I first added them, but I don’t recall exactly what point they started acting like this (several months ago).

Any help would be appreciated!

(My NewsBlur username is “Chron”)


You are probably on Text view. Click on Feed view and you should see stories.

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Alternatively, press an arrow key to select the first unread. You can also click the “Next Unread” button to get to it.

Thanks! I must be blind.