Center for American Progress feed not updating

Just noticed that the Center for American Progress (CAP) feed ( hasn’t updated since February. The feed works in Safari and Chrome, but not in NewsBlur. I’ve also noticed that other CAP feeds haven’t updated as well. They’re all listed here:

I’m not sure if this is on their end or with NewsBlur-- Samuel: for future reference, are there things to look for to know whether or not you can fix issues with broken feeds? I’d prefer not to spam the forums with problems that are out of your control.



You can use to check if it’s valid RSS, and if it’s an SSL only feed you can check the SSL with

The latter test is showing the site only works with SNI, which newsblur doesn’t currently support.

SNI is becoming more common now with the death of IE6 and prevalence of cloud hosting, so it’s probably something samual needs to fix.

It will actually get fixed automatically when Ubuntu’s latest ships with a higher Python version. I get those updates automatically.

Sweet! Good to know, Samuel. And thanks for the diagnostic URLs. Those will be helpful for the future. And today I learned what Server Name Indication is, so the day wasn’t wasted.