Can't use "k" to skip back an item when "j" skips multiple newly read items

Chrome 21

Steps to reproduce:
* Open a feed with several short, unread items
* All items mostly visible on the screen are marked as read
* Press “j”. NewsBlur skips to the next unread item
* Press “k”.

Expected behavior:
* NewsBlur displays the previous item from the River

Actual behavior:
* NewsBlur doesn’t display the previous item. Nothing happens in the content area.
* The River bobs as though it’s moving up the list to the previous item

* If I hammer on “k” twice fast enough, it’ll go back an item.

Doesn’t affect feeds of already read items.

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Are you able to use ‘p’ to go back to the previous story?

I didn’t know “p” existed. It’s not on the shortcuts list that pops up with “?”.

I’m at work on Firefox and can’t reproduce this, so it might be a Chrome/Webkit issue, specific to how the mouse cursor position is reported.

Will test “p” when I’m back home on Chrome.

“p” doesn’t work when the mouse indicator is in the bottom part of the screen. Workaround is to lock the mouse indicator at the top of the screen.