Can't select article in reading pane

I can’t scroll down the reading pane and select a new article! The minute I remove my mouse from the scroll, the window pops back up to the last article. I’m on Windows 10, using the Vivaldi browser, but it also happens in Chrome and Firefox. It’s gotten really annoying when I’m trying to scroll down to oh…the 30th article heading on a list of 60 or more from a news source. I can use the scroll to go through the articles, but the minute I find one I want to click and I move my mouse, the list pops right back up to the first article. The only way to scroll through and not have that happen is with the arrow buttons. I don’t know if I can attach a video, but I’m going to try so you can see what’s happening. Any help would really be appreciated aside from the ‘if it keeps doing that, don’t do it’…

Well, I can’t upload a video so here’s the link. I hope it works:

That’s interesting, I have never seen this before. Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce the issue. The call to scroll back up to the selected story is made when you switch stories. I wonder if you’re able to unlock the story indicator (that tiny orange triangle on the left-hand side of the story detail view). Click it to unlock it, so it’ll follow your mouse. It’s possible that’s one pixel of the previous story that’s causing the issue. Try avoiding the line immediately above the story title in the bottom pane and seeing if it still happens.

It’s odd because none of the stories are ever locked. And it doesn’t happen usually with less than 10 - 12 stories, but sometimes, there might be 40 or more on my NYPost feed and it happens constantly. Not just that feed, but that’s an example. I’ll try making sure the ‘lock’ isn’t happening, but I don’t use it. Thanks and I’ll let you know.
Edited to add, the tap, tap you hear near the end of that video is that sometimes, if I tap the cursor bar a couple times, it stops the problem. Most of the time not, but sometimes.

Okay, came back to say, there are now 15 articles in my NYPost feed, nothing is locked, and it’s happening again. I’m not sure what’s causing it though it’s very frustrating. I wish I could figure it out. Sometimes, I just mark everything read because it’s easier than trying to get to the article though I know that’s just being lazy on my part.