Can't save shares from non-feeds (bookmarklet)

When I try to save something shared from a non-feed, i.e. something shared by another blurblogger using the bookmarklet, everything seems to work fine, but I reload and it disappears completely, it doesn’t even appear in “your activity”.
I only have 46 saved stories.
On a completely unrelated note, I sent you Samuel an email to sam**** [at] that you might want to read if you haven’t.

Thank you very much, have a good day.


Can you add sites from the bookmarklet? I want to first figure out if it is configured correctly. (Alternatively, you can re-install it from Manage > Goodies). But I don’t see any errors coming from the bookmarklet, but it’s been a while since this post. Try sharing now and I’ll cross-reference it with my error logs. Just know that I’m leaving tomorrow night for the week, but I’ll be back next week. I’d like to figure this out soon, but I’m not putting my self on support today so I can ship the latest iOS update.

I don’t see how this could be related, but yes, I can subscribe and share from the bookmarklet.
Rewording this report, it’s not sharing from the bookmarklet the problem, it’s trying to save a share from a non-feed.
When I say “save”, I mean trying to add something to the saved stories list (in this case a share from a non-feed), I don’t mean sharing it (sharing > blurblog, saving > saved stories list, I don’t confuse them).
I have been trying, but every time is exactly the same (as I originally reported), fortunately I have never seen any problem saving normal stories (now I have 54 saved stories).


Basically, the way the old GReader sharing bookmarklet worked, or the R2K bookmarklet, or similar to the Evernote bookmarklet, or the Pocket bookmarklet.

* Open any webpage at all, feed or no feed
* Select content on the webpage
* Click the JS bookmarklet
* If necessary, login to NewsBlur
* JS lifts the HTML from the selection, sometimes with some modifications
* MAGIC HAPPENS: Selected HTML becomes a shared item published to the shared items feed, or a saved item for that user

Damn! How can I make myself clearer?!

I know that! I don’t want “a shared item published to the shared items feed”, I want to add something to the saved stories list, the one where it’s items are identified by the clock icon (previously a star), not the rainbow, which identifies the blurblog; which I have done, but it just happens that when said item is from a non-feed, from the bookmarklet, I can’t store it in that list (the saved stories list), even though there’s no problem in adding it to the blurblog, but that’s not the matter.


You want new functionality: you want to be able to save content from the web into your saved stories, yes? That’s the first I’ve heard of this idea, so it’ll be a while before I hear enough other folks who want this. I’d love to build it, but I’m one man and this requires some UI changes to allow you to save it instead of sharing it. I realize you can approximate it by sharing it first, then saving it, then deleting your share, but this would have to be designed as well.

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It seems I’m quite bad explaining myself, but at least we’re getting closer.

Please read again my very first post, I think it’s clear I don’t want new functionality but “fixed functionality” (if that’s any different).
In my last post I said I can save shares except “when said item is from a non-feed, from the bookmarklet” (I now realize this (wording) may be cause of ambiguity), I don’t mean saving from the bookmarklet, I mean saving something already shared from the bookmarklet, so it’s a procedure similar to your approximation that will fail at the attempt to save (another blurblogger is “sharing it first, then [I try] saving it”, and fail as described in my very first post) when said share is from a non-feed.

Could this be related… ? it’s another problem affecting shares from the bookmarklet.

P.S. When you say “… but this would have to be designed as well.” do you mean you already knew of this problem?


Excellent write-up. Fixed. You can now save stories that have been shared but have no associated site.

Should I wait for a site update or clear my caches or something? I just tried it and see no difference from before.

Try again. I must have missed the deploy, since I’m also dealing with server issues right now. It’s deployed now. (If you pay attention to how I end these threads, I say Fixed when it’s committed, and Deployed when it’s actually live. I meant to deploy immediately, but I sometimes forget since I deploy so often.)

Thank you very much!
It’s so good not having to worry about whether a story would save or not.

I just didn’t want to be repeatedly trying just for the uncertainty of the next deploy (I was trying to remember this word), although I fairly knew I should expect it to be mostly in few hours or less than a day.

I came here today looking to see if there was a way to save general web pages into newsblur’s saved pages via bookmarklet.

I often come across links that i otherwise email to myself because i want to be sure to read them, but can’t at that moment. I have been working to shift myself to save those that i come across in Newsblur, which has made that saved section essentially a read it later type area. I have tried in the past to use other services that specifically deal with that concept, but i never end up referring to them because it is a different app and often the interfaces don’t “work for me”.

Since i am in the newsblur app, it had space on my first home screen, and i am familiar with it, it is nice to be able to read over those things in the interface that I consume the other information

It would also be possible to have those pages trigged the same IFTTT recipes that saved articles trigger.

That’s my rationale!


I hear ya. I’ll keep it in mind. In an ideal world where I have more time to work on everything, this would be built already.

Totally get that, just wanted to +1 it :slight_smile: