Can't renew premium account on PayPal without credit card.

I would like to renew my Newsblur account, but your PayPal settings require me to add a credit card to my PayPal account. On other websites, I can use PayPal without doing so (e.g. by using regular bank transactions).

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I have the same problem! Sam, what is the reason behind this?

I also cannot get a premium NewsBlur account (and thus pay you for your services) as long as this is not resolved. I don’t have a credit card and both the credit-card and paypal payment types require one.

This is because NewsBlur is a subscription service. I could somehow develop a non-renewable premium subscription, which would require you to re-pay every year.

But here’s the good news, if you email me your username I’d be happy to upgrade your account:

Samuel, I have had subscriptions with MaxDome, and Netfix, without attaching a credit card to my PayPal. I came here to tell you that I was just turned off from bying a service I don’t need. Well, I do not know of a single Premium Feature I would use.

But back to the point, I am pretty damn sure I can have regular monthly transactions with other services. Please check if you really cannot accept it. However much I love Newsblur to get the money, I don’t want to loose overview.