Can't remove site

I’m a new user and I like NewsBlur in theory but I’ve been running into a really frustrating issue.

I’m unable to unsubscribe from two sites.

Using Reeder, every time I refresh, articles from Hacker News and The Next Web are grabbed. From within Reeder, if I try to unsubscribe, it appears successful, but if I refresh again the articles come back.

When I go to the NewsBlur site and load the dashboard, the total site count at first says I’m following 11 sites, but when the page finishes loading the number changes to 9. The 11 site count includes the two sites I don’t want. The sites don’t appear in the sidebar list, but if I go to All Site Stories, articles from those sites do show up.

Here’s a GIF of the site number changing on load:

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I added the missing feeds to your account and you should now see them on the web, where you can unsubscribe to them. Let me know how that works out.