Can't read the Newsblur homepage as the sample newsfeed automatically loads

All of the following happened on Chrome.

When I Google Newsblur, and click on on the “Pricing” sublink, it takes me briefly to the home page where the Pricing info is, but then immediately redirects to the sample newsfeed.

(briefly loads screenshot - you can see that the page is still loading and that the URL is redirecting to the sample newsfeed)
(this is what I see when the page finally loads)

This is super annoying. I eventually figured out that I could click the home icon to see the home page

But the sidebar is still visible and I can’t figure out a way to make it disappear completely. As such, I can’t actually read the pricing info :frowning:

Could you stop making that sample news feed automatically load when people just want to read the homepage? I’ve heard that it’s possible to make the sidebar disappear, but I shouldn’t have to fight with this when all I wanted was the homepage.


That home button should have collapsed the sidebar. I’ll get that fixed. But there’s a big green Sign Up button at the bottom which should take care of it for you. Thanks for reporting this!