Can't log in

The “Sign in” links do not seem to be working. I use newsblur on a shared computer on my breaks at work, so I don’t want to leave it logged in, and now I can’t log in at all.


For the past week or so, my Newsblur page hasn’t been showing my feeds and most of the rest of the page’s links don’t respond to my clicks. I deleted all Newsblur cookies and now I can’t log in from the main Newsblur page.

Are you running IE8? I believe that as of the latest NewsBlur release about a week ago, IE8 is no longer supported. More info at this thread:…

Yup, both of your situations sound like IE8. I really outta write something in there for IE8 users.

No, I’m using Firefox on Mandriva Linux, same as I have since switching from Google Reader to Newsblur.

What error do you see?

The “Sign in” (and “Try Out”) links on the main Newsblur page are unresponsive. Other links on the page (support links across the bottom, “community feedback”) work. I have no ad-blocking active.

I’m having the same issues on Firefox and iPad. After entering username (with or without password) I get the oopsy-daisy statment and then it returns to log on.