Can't log in with the Newsblur Android App

I’ve got an HTC One X running Android 4.0.4, and I’ve installed the new Newsblur Android app.
I’ve made sure that I’m putting my username and password in correctly, and it then goes to the screen saying ‘logging in’ and ‘retrieving feeds’, but then every time it drops back to the home screen with the pop-up “Whoopsy-daisy. Try again”

Any idea what’s going on.?


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Hmm, are you sure you’re entering the username and password corr… oh wait, I bet you have a non-alpha character in your password. Is that so? We have an update waiting to go out until a couple more issues are addressed, but it fixes this bug.

If this is the case, for the immediate term, just change your password. But if you wait about a week (I hope), the update should go out with the password fix.

Ah, this is the issue I hit. NM, will delete other issue.

Has the update gone out yet? I still have this problem. I can change my password as a workaround, but I like being able to use passwords with non alpha characfters.

Update just went out. It should be version 1.0.4. Let me know if that works out. (I *just* sent it out, so there may be some caching for a few minutes.)