can't load new Craigslist feeds to Newsblur

I have been using Newsblur as an RSS reader to track several Craigslist searches.  Last week, this stopped working, as new feeds were rejected with this message: 

 “There was a problem trying to add this site. Please try a different URL.”
This happens in both the iPhone app and

Here is the feed I’m trying to add:

Existing feeds work fine. Any ideas?

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I’m having the same issue, but with both existing and new feeds. List of feeds (posted in another thread as well):

This happens periodically with Craigslist. They ban every RSS news reader for a week, then it comes back. This has happened twice before and I just noticed that it happened to other news readers this past weekend.

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Weird, but not surprising given some of their heavy-handed tactics. Since the feed itself works, I assume that putting it in a personal RSS reader would work until I can get them in NewsBlur again.

I have read that some people hosting their own readers have experienced issues as well, anyone know of a workaround?

This is happening again right now. My existing craigslist feeds seem to work, but adding new ones seems to lead to errors.

Even weirder, sometimes despite the error the site ends up getting added anyway. But not reliably, and I don’t notice right away.