Can't keep the sidebar open after I collapsed it

It looks like the sidebar with the sites doesn’t stay opened after I collapsed it by double clicking on the demarcation line. I tried double clicking, but no success, it slides back to closed. See this also:…

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Use shift + u. I’m going to be removing that demarcation line, since it’s potentially confusing and not intended to be the way to hide/show it.

Please don’t remove the the double-click-to-auto-hide feature. It works wonderfully for me, and having to use a keyboard shortcut would be a pain. I just wish I’d discovered it sooner.

Check It’s going to be a LOT smaller, but you should still be able to double-click.

Great. I just got worried when I read about something getting removed. My only suggestion would be to add a mention of this feature somewhere, so it’s easier to discover; I wouldn’t’ve guessed to double-click the resizer.