Can't find address of misbehaving feed to debug it.

How do I find the address that a feed is loaded from when news-blur says the feed is misbehaving? The closest I can find is under setting (where it informs me the feed is misbehaving) but all that gives me is a set of *other* addresses that it offers to switch me to. It doesn’t give me *any* of the information needed to actually figure out what’s wrong.

(To be snarky and uncharitable, a frustrated user could easily read what it says as: “Seems your reading tastes somehow doesn’t meet our expectations, and we aren’t going to tell you how. Would you like to quit reading what you want to read or would you like us to replace it some other random feed?”)

p.s. I’ve somehow manged to select option two (s/my-feed/rand-feed/) without intending to. Is there any way to undo that or am I related to using Google and guessing skills to figure out what the (new?) correct feed for what I care about is?

p.p.s. I’m rather adverse to using products that chose to hide my information from me or choose to view my setting/configuration as other than my property.

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