Can't delete a feed

I want to delete a feed. I click on the arrow next to the name, and click on “Delete Feed”, the uppermost menu choice. The menu item becomes “Cancel Delete” – I do not see any sort of “really delete”, etc. option.

I see no way to proceed from there.

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The next item below is “Really Delete”.

For the moment, I can’t reproduce the problem on my work computer. But one thing I’m noticing is that the “delete the site” option, when the problem occurred above, was not the bottom line but the top one.

I was on a 1366x768 screen and when I clicked the arrow next to the feed, the “Delete This Site” option was the topmost item, not the bottommost – and when I clicked that option, there was no “Really Delete” menu item to choose (which I did say in in the initial report above).