Can't complete setup

Tons of problems attempting to set up feeds. Keep getting the setup sequence over and over. Then the problem screen. Even tried to process a charge, twice, for premium and got the problem screen. Both Chrome and Firefox


The system is really overloaded at the moment due to the sudden influx of Google Reader refugees.

If you provide your username Samuel should be able to check out the situation with your account.

mikeu18 is my new account

I can fully understand the influx from Google Reader. I can’t understand why they would ‘retire’ it given the millions that I’m sure are using it.

I’m having the same problem, although I can see it says I have my 38 feeds but the bar on the left just says “everything is on it’s way…”.

Username: excy.

Just tried again. The account is active, but the setup screen is stuck at the offer of free and premium accounts. I’ve clicked on ‘submit’ for the 12 free sites, and that’s as far as I get. Just stopped there.

I’m having the same problem!

My username is paintingchef

Guys, it’s a one man dev team, who was up all night trying to handle the initial influx post-GR. Everyone, myself included, is having these issues but you can see from the real time stats on the front page that usage has exploded 10x within one day. And that’s because it looks like exactly what everyone wants to supercede reader. He’s clearly currently asleep, and I’m sure he will be on the case as soon as he can once he’s awake/stopped crapping himself at the number of messages/emails/tweets he’s received in a matter of hours.


I don’t think this will be common knowledge to everyone but it’s good to know. I am patient, thanks.

That’s kind of what I figured. This will be a stressful few months for him, I’m sure but wow… business-wise… congratulations to him!!

Being a Google Reader refugee, I’ve only begun tinkering with NewBlur, but so far the interface looks great. The site isn’t really working that well, but I totally understand the server overload issues with so many trying it out and imagine things will settle down in a couple days.

in the mean time, I’m investigating some alternatives. Feedly seems to work pretty good, although their Chrome interface doesn’t appear fully functional. At least I can now get all my newsfeeds (for free), and they say they will automatically take over from Google when the Google Reader shuts down. I’d like to give NewsBlur a chance, so I’ll wait and see how the development goes now that the demand has gotten ridiculous.