Can't advance when having two consecutive exactly the same stories

Hi. This is kind of complicated to explain. I’ll do my best.

So, I have a story which appears in two feeds (they’re two blog aggregators - planets - and it happens that some blogs appear on multiple planets). These two feeds belong to the same folder as well. When I go to the folder to see all the stories in the folder, the story appears from a feed and right below it is the same story from the other feed. Now, I arrive to the first story in the first feed, but I can’t access the story from the other feed to mark it as read. Not by keyboard shortcuts and not by mouse.

This happens on production ( and on dev as well. On Firefox and on Chrome as well.

Thanks. I hope I made myself understood…

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This is going to be fixed on the new Backbone branch I’m working on as we speak. Thanks for letting me know.

I noticed that now, the double stories show as only one in the folder’s feed, and when I mark it as read, it leaves the other one unread.