Can't add RSS feed for my youtube channels

Hi all,

I’m having problems with adding youtube RSS feeds for the channels I subscribed for (it’s a general problem and affects all my channels).

E.g. I want to add this channel:

So, in newsblur I add:
Website URL:

The feed seems to be valid cause my browser shows the expected entries when opening the RSS/XML Url above.

But newsblur doesn’t adds it with title “[Untitled]” without any entries (even in “Show all” nothing is shown).

Can anybody point my in the right direction what I’m doing wrong?


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I suspect something is wrong on Newsblur’s end, you seem to be doing things right. You should be able to just add the channel URL.

It seems there might be an issue with subscribing to youtube channels no one on Newsblur hasn’t yet subscribed to. I tried a couple different channels and either got “[Untitled]” or a working feed with some people already subscribed.

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Thanks, Hampus. Good to see that I did it correctly.
So, I guess, I have to wait til Samuel reads this topic and hopefully can provide a fix