Can't add Consumer Reports News

I am unable to add any feed from Consumer Reports. This includes the feeds suggested in your application, as well as when I copy and paste the feed info from Consumer Reports RSS page, such as…. I have no trouble with this on my old Google ig page. I am using an up-to-date Chrome browser. Thank you, Melanie.

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If you simply plug in into “Add A New Site”, three choices come up for RSS feeds. Pick one, select folder for it, and click “Add Site”

In a Chrome browser, I did this again, and got the same issue - a red exclamation mark and a request to fix the feed.
In a Firefox browser, I did this again, and got the message, “This address does not point to an RSS feed or a website with an RSS feed.”
Thank you for your attention.

Instead of under the Add option, go to the NB home page and type Consumer Reports (or in the left box under Search Sites and People where it says Site Name or Address.

Sorry, the result was the same: a red exclamation mark after I selected one of the three Consumer Reports feeds. I’m wondering whether the Newsblur engine might be set to old CR RSS feeds, or somehow be processing them incorrectly.

Thanks anyway!

Try adding this:…
It works for me
Right click on the link, select copy. Then go to NB, click the + and paste that link.

Thank for the reply. Before I saw your reply, on the page…, I made a custom feed, copied it, and added it to newsblur. It worked fine. Consumer Reports also posted a note that their old feeds are now defunct, so definitely Newsblur needs to update its Consumer Report feed.