Can't Access Newsblur through my ISP

I can’t access Newblur data (the app times out and goes offline) or the Newsblur website through my CenturyLink internet in southern Utah. I don’t have any problems if I connect to a cellular hotspot or through a public wifi (such as McDonald’s). CenturyLink checked that my modem is not blocking the website (which I already knew). It seems like CenturyLink is blocking access but I haven’t been able to get anywhere with them.

I get the same behavior with the app or with a browser on my iPad and iPhone and on my Windows 10 PC using Firefox.

Given my limited cellular data it renders Newsblur useless without a solution.

I’m still looking for some help with this issue.

Hi Craig, I’m really sorry but I have no idea what to do. If you can’t access NewsBlur from one ISP but can through another then your only bet is to contact them and let me know, which it appears you have.

By the way, do you know your IP address? I can check to see if it’s one of the handful that are banned for whatever reason. Feel free to email it to me:

You could try a free VPN such as the Firefox Private Network ( on Windows or Cloudflare WARP on iOS (