Cannot share to blurblog

No matter what story I try to share I am met with the following error: Sorry, this story could not be shared. Probably a bug.

All I want to do it share via the blurblog


I’ve just shared 2-3 stories–or thought I had. Now the stories are marked as read, and nothing has actually been shared. I either have to go back and find them (which could take up to an hour) or cut my losses here.

I know that sometimes when I try to share a story, it will sit there and never finish posting it. When this happens, I need to click on the site that the story comes from so that I’m in their feed, then do a F5 refresh. After that, I can share the story. When my web browser is in this state, it also stops updating the unread counts on the left, so there’s some sort of general disconnect between the browser and the site.

Also, when this happens I can’t mark the story as unread either. Whatever communications channel is used for unread updates, marking as unread, and sharing stories seems to be losing connection, while the part that brings up the unread stories from the folders and marks them as read works just fine.

Ok, I just made a bunch of fixes to all of the server side exceptions I could find. Many of them would potentially fix this issue, so try again and let me know how it works. If it still doesn’t work, I’m now much more likely to be able to figure it out.

ah cool. Yeah looks to be ongoing.

Well, I have this problem. Also, because I can’t reply to my friends posts unless they have a opening comment this stifles communication with my sharebros :(.