Cannot Remove Empty Tags

I have one specific tag (in my case called “Natural”) that I had attached to some items. I’ve since removed the tags from those items, so I would expect that the tag would disappear. I’ve done this before in the past w/o issue.

The tag shows there are two items, but when I click the tag it says there are no items here.

How can I get rid of this tag?


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Do you have any other tags that also contain the word natural in them?

Nope. I do have a folder that was also called “Natural” but, in case that was causing the issue, I changed it to “Naturals” and even “somethingelse” to no avail.

That’s the issue, in that “Natural” is inside of the tag “Naturals”. You’ll have to make them unique in order for it to work.

Ah, ok. Thanks!