Cannot continue scrolling in feed view

It seems to be somehow connected with this issue:…

I just found out that advancing the feed item works by pressing “n” whether it hardly works by pressing “j”.

I think this is still a bug, so could someone please have a look into it?

Dear Newsblur community,

a few days ago I discovered an issue, posted it to Sam yesterday via Mail and - after his request - decided to post it here to see if I’m currently the only person experiencing this issue.

When I am in a certain feed to browse through my unread items by using the shortcut “j” I get to a certain point where the site doesn’t advance any further, it just stops, leaving me with the impression that there are no further unread items for this feed even though there are still some.
After clicking on the feed name again (on the left side navigation bar) the feed overview continues to show me new items.

This situation persists with different feeds, even on different browsers (Safari and Chrome) on different OS (Mac and Windows). I’m not 100% sure bit it seems that the scrolling stops always after the 4th or the 5th item in a certain feed.

I’ve added a screenshot where you can see that I’m in a certain feed (GIGA Apple) but unfortunately cannot see that I’ve come to the end of the right sided view and cannot scroll any further.

I hope that’s a start for Sam to investigate, please let me know if there are any more details you need in order to trace this issue.


Best regards,


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If you take another screenshot, make sure story titles are showing (shift+t). I need to see how far the Feed view is scrolled. I assume it’s at the bottom? Also, would it be possible to open up the console (command+option+c) and copy and paste any red error messages. That would be an enormous help in getting to the bottom of the issue.

n = next unread story, whether up or down (down first, seeing none, goes up, seeing none, loads next page)
j = next story, down only
k = next story, up only
p = previous read story

p, n, and j are mapped to the up/next/down buttons in the top right. (I realize that up actually goes to the previous story instead of the next story up, but that was a compromise to make it more visually appealing. See how the buttons look different between www and dev.)

Dear Sam,

I’ve attached two additional screenshots (this time without any white borders to hide my feeds.)

In the first screenshot you can see that there are no error messages in the console and the story title is visible.
In the second screenshot you can see that there is actually another feed below the one which is marked but I cannot advance by pressing “j”.

At the moment I’m not sure anymore if this is really a bug or maybe I have to re-map my brain to use “n” instead of “j” to advance through my feeds.

Thanks for your help, this is what I call customer service at best :=)

Hey. Really loving Newsblur, but I am seeing something pretty similar to this, I think.

Environment: Mac OS 10.8.3, Safari v 6.0.4

If I click on All Site Stories, and immediately begin scrolling down the list of stories with my arrow keys, Newsblur only loads about ten stories at a time. I have to click on All Site Stories again to retrieve more posts to read.

If I scroll through the list of unread stories with my trackpad *before* using the arrow keys to scroll, Newsblur automatically loads more stories as I scroll down.

It’s not a huge deal, but I don’t think this is how the interface is intended to work.

Unfortunately this problem, Newsblur doesn’t continue to go through a list of feeds by pressing “j” is still around.

Is it being worked on or can we give more/other feedback?

Best regards,


This was fixed last night. One common pattern that was hard to suss out: everyone who experienced this resized their story titles pane to a tiny amount. If you want to hide it, use shift+t. I set a minimum height, which fixed the auto-pager.