Cannot accept cookie policy (iFrame)


i am new to Newsblur and just started testing. I always want the full article and Newsblur seems to be able to do that.
But i have a problem with one of my feeds, for i cannot accept the cookie policy.
The (german) error message says that i cannot accept it in an iFrame.

Is there a workaround/solution for this?


I’m guessing you’re using Story mode?

Unfortunately the only real work around is to use an adblocker or other addon that can block css elements to hide these for your.

The issue is that the Story mode view in Newsblur doesn’t actually show the original site in the iframe, it used to do that but these days it is very common for sites to block being show in iframes, so instead newsblur is caching the original page and showing you that cached version. Sadly things like cookie prompts are often broken in this cached version.

Yes, Story mode it is. But even with full text (thinking about premium) it’s the same.

I am using Vivaldi and uBlock Origin as an extension.
Are there recommended filters or a general guide for this specific problem? I guess i am not the only one. And is not the only site with this “thing”.
When i try “hide this element” with uBock the whole site/frame is gone :slight_smile:


PS Hm found this, doesn’t sound promissing.

Out of curiosity I looked if would load inside an iframe because then one could write some custom javascript to make newsblur do that. It does load in an iframe, however then it claims the browser doesn’t support cookies so you’re stuck with the consent dialog anyway. So yea, they have an overdesigned and user hostile consent dialog, probably intentionally so as it is of course completely unthinkable to let someone read your articles without being tracked extensively.