Cancellation and refund

Don’t like Newsblur. Have requested a refund. Has anyone else already asked this question?

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If you’ve emailed me your payment receipt, I’ll process the refund later today. I take care of canceling users once a day.


Hi, that’s great, thank you. Very much appreciated.

Hi Samuel, I sent you two emails yesterday, one with the receipt, but one of them has bounced back today. This is the email address I used - please advise! Will try resending.

Hi, thanks for your email yesterday but the refund has not happened, further email sent today.

Sorry about the wait! You should now be all set. Paypal’s interface makes it a pain to find people. I hope you come back to try NewsBlur in the near future. So much to get excited about.

Samuel… is your address Need a refund and am not hearing back from that after a week.


I have already cancelled the service but I need a refund as it was just processed today. How do I go about accomplishing this as I don’t have a receipt since it went through my bank?

Email me as mentioned above.