Cancel account with refund

I cannot see any way to contact support directly, so I’m posting it here.

Please refund my upgrade which I entered today 2/23/19. I wanted to try the upgrade to see if certain things would work, but they did not work any better with a paid account. Also, marking stories as read did not work as expected.

Thank you.

Feel free to email me or reply to your payment receipt asking for a refund: Also this information is both on the receipt and on the about page.

Samuel - I’ve emailed you (no response) and have not seen any receipt.

I process refunds in a batch. I’ll probably get to it by the end of the week.

Hello. I stumbled upon this thread and requested a refund in a reply to the receipt email. I’m not sure if you’ve received it. It took less than a day from the payment to the email sending.

I never received it, sorry. Try sending it again (or just reply to the receipt).

Ok, just sent another email reply in the receipt thread. You can search by my name.