Can you have a nested folder structure on the mobile (Android) app?

Hello - I’ve been trying the Android mobile app more lately - really like it.

Question: On the desktop Newsblur, I have a nested folder structure that helps me skim my feeds quickly. On the Android version, it doesn’t appear I have nested folders - the subfolders appear on the main listing of folders, making it tougher to skim.

Am I correct in this? Is it possible to adjust this setting on my end? Thx.

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The sub-folders should still appear, right under the parent folder with a hyphenated name to show the heirarchy. If they’re showing up in the wrong place, definitely post a screenshot so we can look into fixing it!

sorry, I didn’t explain this quite right.

The subfolders do appear, but on my desktop version of newsblur I can “fold” the subfolders up into the main parent folder, making for much easier scanning through my folders.

On the Android app, the subfolders look just like the parents, and can’t be “folded” into the parent as far as I can tell. As you noted, there is a dash to tell them apart, but I’m looking to “hide” my subfolders in the parent as I do on the desktop.

I guess that might not be possible…

Ah, yeah, actual heirarchical display isn’t something we have pursued, since it doesn’t work particularly well on small-screened devices and it would be a huge amount of work.

That said, I *think* we might be able to make sub-folders disappear or also collapse when the parent folder is collapsed. Let me know if that would improve your workflow and I can see how tricky it would be.


totally understood re: hierarchical display being difficult on mobile - not a problem.

as you said, however, if you are able to make the sub folders collapse/disappear when the parent folder is collapsed that would be awesome. Reason is simply with so many subfolders that I have, scrolling is difficult if I can’t collapse them.

Thanks for listening, Newsblur rocks…

Hello - did you have any luck looking into this? I’m in no rush but it would be super neat if this happened at some point, if indeed it ends up being doable…


I’d be very interested in this as well.  I have two top level folders, All Items and Best Effort, with a number of subfolders under each.  On the computer I read from the top level of All Items to get everything in chronological order.  The only way to do this in the app is to look at each individual folder.  Workable, but kinda a PITA.

We should probably change both iOS and Android to make it so that when you tap on a parent folder, it’s pulling stories from all subfolders, even if not children in the mobile app. That’s the only change I see that we should make here. Collapsing is not as big of a deal, but reading should grab from all subfolders.

“Collapsing is not as big of a deal, but reading should grab from all subfolders.”

Samuel, collapsing is a big deal for me because when I open a folder, I read on a subfolder by subfolder basis. That’s the only way to do it when you have the number of feeds I process. So what I’m hoping for at some point for Android is to have it be similar to the desktop where I can collapse folders with many subfolders when I’m not trying to read them, or read them on a subfolder basis when I have time. Tapping on a parent folder and trying to read everything at once wouldn’t be of value to me personally - too many feeds for that to work. 

Thanks for listening and considering…

I would love the change to have a parent folder read from all subfolders.

Hi Ojiikun - I am still interested in this “collapse folder” feature… I have too many subfolders to make the Android app useable/effective for me if I can’t collapse them. Anyhow thanks for listening, I am willing to pay for some of the custom development costs…



We’ve been chasing bugs and general app speed for the last few months, but we’re now starting to address smaller features.  I’ve created a tracking issue so this doesn’t fall through the cracks!

Ojikun thank you. I realize some at Newscred don’t care about folder collapse but to me it’s the difference between using the Android app heavily or not using at much at all. Again I’m happy to pay for the time it costs to do this, within reason.