Can we have folders or tags on saved stories?

Would it (is it already?) possible to assign saved stories to different categories?

It would be extremely useful if I could save “cute cats to share with Mum” stories in a different manner to “technical” to “finance”. I’ve got 300 odd saved stories at the mo and they’re a little unwieldy (it becomes a chore to wade through them every now and then and clean up).

Ultimately, with tags or folders for saved stories I’d be able to dispense with something like delicious.

For the record: I rarely look at cute cat feeds :slight_smile:


I concur with this request. Without folders or tags, saved stories are just a bunch of links that are very difficult to sort through.

yeah we definately need some search function or tags for saved stories it’s must have!

Agreed entirely.

Also, even the ability to sort by date would be a helpful start.

Long standing thread on this topic:…

Also noted there is mention of search and tagging in this blog post:…

Could the question of tags (awaiting search development) be separated from the question of folders? Could existing folder information be retained by or otherwise made available to saved items?