Can we have a "Google Reader Style Keyboard Shortcuts" option, etc.?

I would like to be able to use “m” as the shortcut key to “toggle read/unread”.

Yeah, this is to be more like how Google Reader does it, and I’ve tried doing the “j-u” sequence as opposed to the GR “j-m” sequence, and “j-m” just feels more “right”, especially when you want to go to the “k” once in a while.

As for “m”, “find oldest unread story”, when you are reading oldest-first, it actually takes you to the newest unread story, or the last story in your list. If all stories aren’t yet loaded in the view, it starts loading them all, which is awesome and desired behavior (for me, at least).

So, when “m” is set to “toggle read/unread”, I’d like the existing “m” functionality to go to a different button, and also maybe have similar functionality to find the “newest” unread story.

Since this is kind of a “me me me” thing, I’ve already tried hacking this out using GreaseMonkey in Firefox, but I can’t get it to work (can’t override the key bindings already defined in the site’s javascript, can’t get new key bindings to stick).


Customizable keyboard shortcuts are very high on the developers to do list! I do believe they probably will be one of the first things to come after the scaling is resolved.